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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
– Hippocrates

What to eat is a subject that is eternally before us, in the media and in our daily lives. We all love to eat and need to eat for survival. Every day seems to bring a new “diet”, usually promising weight loss and a long life. Every day also seems to bring new reports of what foods are healthy or what pills we should take to lose weight and live longer.  How does one choose? Once we have chosen, how do we put it into practice?

Desert Mountain Health Center is dedicated to individuals choosing to eat in the manner that nature intended – a whole food, plant-based diet. Why? Because our bodies were built to process plants easily, to fill all our nutritional needs using a variety of plants, which do not interfere with body functioning.

A second reason is that science supports it. There are studies decades old, even one hundred years old, which show how plant foods feed us optimally and animal foods create imbalances that compromise our heath.  In recent years, this information has been rediscovered and is available everywhere. Modern studies continue to validate these principles.

Modern research is proving that the diseases of civilization, which account for the vast majority of disease and death in our culture, are not only preventable, but reversible!  This way of eating also supports your body to find and seek its natural weight. We are dedicated to helping you find this information and apply it in your life.

Dr. Bergner is educated and trained to teach this information, and uses it in her own life. She is eager to help you. This manner of eating is new to nearly all of us. Through personal counseling, group presentations and support groups, you can learn what to eat, how to prepare delicious and satisfying meals, how and where to shop, how to save money on food costs, why this information is not generally known, and how to navigate our culture which is not supportive of healthy eating.

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Desert Mountain Health Center, Tucson, Arizona, Network Chiropractic, Nutrition, NAET Allergy Elimination