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Dr. Martha is freeing me from food allergies one step at a time using NAET. I did not think there was any help to be had in this area until I came to her. If you have allergies I strongly urge you to see her, and get back on the road to health.

Gary F.

A miracle is happening - I am eliminating my allergies with NAET treatments. Other treatments had only brought some relief, so to completely eliminate allergies was more than I'd thought could happen. Because I had reacted to almost everything (foods, airborne inhalants, chemicals, medications, etc.) my life had been restricted in many ways. Because Dr. Bergner uses a great deal of intelligence when treating me, I have made a lot of progress. My congestion has dramatically decreased, I've been able to go off my 4-day food rotation diet and take supplements I previously couldn't take.

Jerine S.

My significant allergies of 20 years are improving greatly with NAET. I almost can't believe how good I feel! Dr. Bergner's calm, positive approach is great!

Virginia L.

Any time I ate tomatoes, the palms of my hands would itch. Also, when I ate walnuts, my tongue would swell just enough to rub on my fillings and cause irritation. Also, sulfites in dried fruit and red wine would induce asthma type symptoms that at times were pretty scary. These symptoms were just how life was for me. When I realized that other foods could be affecting me in some other ways, I got very excited about the possibility of getting rid of even more nagging health things.

I went through the food series in NAET and I no longer have any of these symptoms. I also got rid of an allergy to eggs that I didn't realize I had - I thought I just didn't like them. It turns out that my allergy to eggs was an emotional allergy by Dr. Martha's test. She treated me and I eat them now with pleasure.

I compete in triathlon races and so nutrition is very important to me. I have improved my health by 200% since seeing Dr. Martha and I highly recommend NAET.

Marion C.

Wow, I can't tell you how nice it is to eat eggs again! I found out, after years of headaches that I was allergic to eggs. BUT after two simple NAET treatments I am again enjoying eggs with no ill effects. This is wonderful because I am a gourmet cook!

Paula D.

At the age of 78, after a lifetime of limiting allergies (mostly asthma), Dr. Martha Bergnerís treatments with NAET are offering me unprecedented freedom to experience my life more fully. I am especially grateful to NAET for eliminating my allergy to cats, now enjoying visits to homes where cats are. Also, I can revel in the beauty and comfort of a wood fire in our fireplace, where formerly the experience was marred with wheezing from the smoke I could give numerous other examples. Thank you, Dr. Martha, for this newly found freedom!

Nancy R.

All of my adult life, I remember feeling tired after every meal. It was most noticeable after lunch because there was still a full day ahead of me and my body would get sooo tired. I usually skipped breakfast and did not realize why mornings were so much better (no food!). NAET changed all that. It was discovered that there were many low grade allergies to food that were prompting these symptoms and when they began to be addressed, my overall sense of well being began to improve.

Martha checked out the supplements and medications that are a part of my life and we discovered that there were several that I was allergic to. They were all cleared and one very positive result was the cutting in half of my thyroid prescription dosage!

There are emotional issues in my life that we are just beginning to look at and I am looking forward to experiencing the removal of these emotional blockages also. We have cleared the first one and it was incredible how much lighter I felt and still feel the weight of that stress out of my system.

Thank you, Dr. Martha

Phyllis H.

About a year ago I was suffering so badly with allergy symptoms people would comment on my runny eyes and nose. What wasnít so obvious to observers was the incredible itchiness of my poor eyes. While complaining to one of my professional associates she recommended I call Dr. Martha Bergner and give NAET a try. I did and immediately found relief. Today I have far less symptoms and much less severe. I continue to have periodic treatments and donít know how I would have survived Southern Arizonaís two allergy seasons without Dr. Bergner and NAET.

LuAnn R.

We have been very pleased with our five and a half months of treatments for food and environmental sensitivities with the NAET technique! Dr. Bergner has been very professional, pleasant and skilled in her treatments and we can see definite improvements in our over-all well being. We consider NAET to be a solid miracle in understanding how our bodies want to heal themselves if we get the message they want to give us! Let Dr. Bergner help you know the joy of good health and well being!

Hugh and Donna

Just a note to express appreciation for all your efforts to get me well. I want to thank you for your patience, determination and especially your understanding and words of encouragement. Itís what gets me through when my optimism meter leans towards low. Youíre worth your weight in gold and I just wish more practitioners were as dedicated.
Thanks again, so much.

Network Chiropractic and NAET have changed my life in subtle yet completely transforming ways. I feel stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. I rebound quicker from aches and spasms, and the periods of pure health seem to last longer. I donít get colds and flus, and I donít get riled easily by lifeís ups and downs. I notice my body more, what it needs and how it feels, and because of that I think I take better care of it.

I deeply appreciate your empathy, sensitivity and knowledgeable support throughout the healing process.

Dr. Martha Bergner is a super practitioner, inspiring confidence with her knowledge and gentle treatments.

I sought out NAET because Iíd developed serious seasonal plant allergies over the past three years and was unsatisfied with the continued course of allergy shots. I really was very skeptical that such a simple course of treatments would work, but could tell something was changing with the first couple of sessions. I hadnít realized that our bodies develop a sensitivity to so many substances that we ingest or regularly touch. After the basic 10 nutrient treatments, my reactions to the plant allergy treatments were almost nil! I had a near-fatal brain injury ~10 years ago, and have been making sustained progress to regain former functions. I really feel that my brain and body chemistry are better balanced now. For me this has reduced my bipolar symptoms and episodes of vertigo.

Thanks, Dr. Martha

After being symptom free for six months, now it is time for me to thank you so much for your treatments on me that seem to have cured my nasty case of urticaria (chronic hives). After 18 months of dealing with hives and twice daily doses of medications your NAET treatments have indeed cured me. I have not taken any medication for six months now.

I am so happy and thankful to you for this. I will and have encouraged anyone I know with similar problems to seek you out. Thanks again to you and Jim also.

Craig F.

After five years of pain and four doctors, I feel better after your treatment than from any other thatís been done so far. Thank you so much for your skill and expertise.

Gary T.

My care has been excellent Ė all my concerns and questions have been addressed in a most thorough and caring way. Martha has helped me in many ways to reestablish a healthier lifestyle! I think she is a natural healer.

Danelle S.


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